We provide natural integrative life-style based health care and services and more in a comfortable and encouraging environment.

We offer:
  • Chiropractic and Advanced Soft-tissue Work
  • Yoga
  • Massage, Thai Yoga Massage, Shiatsu
  • Bellydance
  • Capo-X-Fit
  • Boot Camp Classes
  • Functional Nutrition Work, Standard Process and Medi-Herb supplements sold here as well as Standard Process Purification Programs

  • Boutique selling home health aids, clothing, and more!

Class Descriptions

Basic Vinyasa is a slower paced class designed to teach the fundamentals of a power yoga practice.  Blocks and straps are utilized to enhance poses, with attention given to posture, breath, and focal point of the gaze.  Options within the practice are always given to make yoga more accessible to everybody.  75 minutes in length

All Levels Power Yoga is a combination of deep breathing linked to specifically sequenced sets of flowing postures that are designed to build strength while gaining flexibility. Options will be given to modify or intensify based on individual student needs.  Though power yoga is more athletic, it is accessible to anybody who would like to make it their practice.  60 to 75 minutes in length

Open Level Belly Dance is a beginner appropriate class that will also challenge the advanced student of belly dance.  Key isolations will be presented and drilled, dance steps broken-down and then placed into a short choreography.  It's a fun workout designed to get you moving. There will be a warm up in the beginning of class, and a cool down at the end.  60 minutes in length

Belly Dance Technique  is a great class for beginners or those who wish to refine their technique.  This is a boot camp style class designed to build a strong foundation in belly dance.  You will learn to isolate different muscle groups (hips, chest, and arms), as well as move them in conjunction with one another.  It's a great workout sure to get you wiggling to some amazing music.  There will be a 15 min warm up in the beginning of class, as well as a short cool down at the end.  75 minutes in length

Hula Hoop (Hooperobix)  is meditation in motion.  The class promotes self-discovery with the use of a hula hoop through movement, breath and play.  Hoops will be provided or feel free to bring your own. 60 minutes in length

Capo-x-fit (Functional Fitness Class)
If you are bored with your normal workout routine and are looking to try something new and fun while getting a great full body work out, this class could be right for you.  Capo-X-Fit combines the movements of capoeira, an African/Brazilian dance/martial art, with other natural functional movements (running, crawling, climbing, jumping), body weight training, and circuit training.  This class is designed to be challenging to improve strength, flexiblity, cardio, and balance while having fun in an encouraging, positive environment.  This class is however not designed for those who have never exercised before.  It is recommended to bring a towel, water, heart rate monitor, and a warrior attitude!  Video example to come in the future.....